Directed & Animated by
Milt Klingensmith

Based on a
short story by
Kaitlyn Klingensmith

Narrated by
Deanna McCain

Music by
Mojave Bird

Sound Engineering by
Mike Dollar

Character models
and additional
voices/sound effects
Markey Klingensmith
Kaitlyn Klingensmith
Additional audio
and photography by
Cory Olsen

Children’s drawings by
Markey Klingensmith

Technology services by

Many thanks to
Kendall College
of Art & Design

for the use of their
recording studio

Special thanks to
(for more reasons than can be listed)

John Guertin
Cory Olsen
Scott Kloska
Jeremy VanOs
Marvid Schneider
Brenda Klingensmith
Betsy Klingensmith
Jessica “Petracovich” Malmberg
Gary & Michelle Coe
Dan Johnson
Rose Ann Davis
Brandon Belote
Katie Karnes
Lisa Price

monster, me